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Stock Selector

Revolution Print
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"We want our clients to have an Apple-like experience with their print."

The stock selector box was designed with nine compartments in each section. This gives our designers the ability to touch and feel each stock, laminate and custom finish. On the top layer we decided to feature the stunning laminates and custom finishes available (foil and varnish).

The client's investment in new printing technology allows designers to use foils and varnishes on projects that would normally not allow it.

The carefully curated range of 20+ uncoated stocks opens so many doors for designers to create unique pieces for their clients. Again, the technology that Revolution Print have invested in makes these stock far more accessible and affordable on small quantity jobs.

If you thought paper was just paper - you know.... a bit same, same - you were mistaken.

“Many artist’s brushwork is essentially invisible, making it impossible to unpick; it might be better to focus computer analysis on assessing canvases or paper”
Charles R. Jones

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